Welcome to our website. We hope you will enjoy your visit here and maybe find something that you are looking for, or maybe something that you weren't but you just have to have. Our goal is to feature high quality, collectable first edition books and other interesting literary works. Feel free to browse the pages and remember, this is only a small fraction of the works available to us. If you don't see what your looking for drop us a line (e-mail or regular post) and we will check our inventory. We also will do a search at your request as we have access to a large network of book dealers. Have fun, pull up an easy chair and enjoy.

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  • The site is divided into a number of categories for your convenience. You will find a section for paperback books, one for hardcovers and another for various other works in the literary world. From time to time we may also offer interesting artwork or other curiosities as they cross our path.The photos give an indication of the book, although it is often difficult to discern details in a photo. Please see our ordering section for specifics on book condition, shipping, returns, etc.

    **Important Update**
    Because of the recent demise of "Bibliofind", D.J. Collins, Bookseller has moved our listings to Advanced Book Exchange. During this process we have re-evaluated and updated many prices. We hope to update this webpage soon however please note that the "ABE" prices will prevail. Please stop in to their website and browse through the thousands of books we have listed there as well as those of other booksellers. We think you will be as pleased with their services as we have been. We apologize for any confusion during this change-over.

    Thank you for your continued patronage.

    D.J. Collins


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