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Paperback Books

  1. HILTON, JAMES: We Are Not Alone
  2. BALLARD, J.G. : The Voices of Time
  3. WEBB, JACK: The Naked Angel
  4. DAVENPORT, BASIL (Editor) : Invisable Men
  5. TAYLOR, PHOEBE ATWOOD :The Deadly Sunshade
  6. MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS :Leave Cancelled
  7. MARTIN, ALWIN LEE : Death on a Ferris Wheel
  8. CHRISTIE, AGATHA : Appointment With Death
  9. RICHTER, CONRAD : The Sea of Grass
  10. STOUT, REX : How Like a God
  11. SCHARY, DORE : Sunrise At Campobello
  12. BROWN, FREDERIC :Madball
  13. KENNERLY, JUBA :Terror of the Leopard Men
  14. PARK, JORDAN :Valerie
  15. WILLIAMS, CHARLES :Big City Girl
  16. CROSEN, KENDELL FOSTER :Year of Consent
  17. RITCHIE, C.T. :Lady in Bondage
  18. WENTWORTH, PATRICIA :Dark Threat
  19. LONDON, JACK :Martin Eden
  20. PAYNE, ROBERT :The Great Charlie
  21. RICE, ELMER :Imperial City
  22. GREENE, GRAHAM :England Made Me
  23. DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN :Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
  24. WELLS, H.G. :Pocket History of the World
  25. BROWN, FREDRIC :The Fabulous Clipjoint
  26. LEWIS, C.S. :Perelandra
  27. STAPLETON, OLAF :Odd John
  28. KEROUAC, JACK :The Subterraneans
  29. AUGUST, JOHN :The Woman in the Picture
  30. Viereck, George : Nude In The Mirror
  31. Sterling, Anthony :King of the Harem Heaven
  32. Wylie,Phillip & Balmer, Edwin : When Worlds Collide
  33. Rice, Craig :The Right Murder
  34. Box, Edgar :Death Likes It Hot
  35. Inge, William :Bus Stop
  36. Steinbeck, John :The Pearl